Introducing Shakespeare

Introducing Shakespeare for KS3

ISBN 9781900085731

This useful introduction, specially written for KS3 [ages 11 to 14] introduces pupils to Shakespeare's England and to Shakespeare's Theatre.  There are worksheets on Elizabeth I, Elizabethan Clothes, Houses and Homes, Food, Life in Town and Country, Shakespeare's Home and Family, Stratford-on-Avon, School, Games and Sport, Fairs and Festivals, Ships and Sailors, and Shakespeare's London.

The section dealing with Shakespeare's theatre includes worksheets on Plays and Pageants, Travelling Players, Elizabethan Theatres, Actors and Writers, Plays, Plague and Poems, Shakespeare's Histories, Comedies, Tragedies, The Globe, The Stage, Stage Properties, Costume, and Special Effects.

This pack includes a simple model of the Globe theatre for pupils to make - an effective way of making the essential features of the Elizabethan stage clear to students.

The resource pack is photocopiable within the purchasing establishment and costs £22.

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Introducing Romeo and Juliet 

ISBN 9781904790044

Introducing A Midsummer Night's Dream 

ISBN 9781904790037

The workpacks are divided into three sections.
Section One contains a shortened version of the play in simple modern English.
Section Two contains a shortened version of the play in Shakespeare's language.
Section Three contains worksheets on each scene with work on storyline, characters and themes.

The workpacks are photocopiable and each pack costs £23