General English Learning Resources

Working with Words

Working with Words consists of a series of individual English lessons. The material in the packs has been designed to help in a variety of situations. Heads of Departments have found the series extremely useful for providing last minute lesson material for non-specialist staff covering for absent staff or for homework.


Some of the material provides useful revision work - particularly for the perennial problem with words like their and there and was and were.


A range of materials is also included - crosswords, word games, word searches etc. Many teachers have found this material useful at the end of a project, as individual homework assignments, or as something just a little different at the end of term.

There are four packs in the series Working With Words Series One, Working With Words Series Two, Working With Words Series Three and Working With Words Series Four.  Each pack contains 40 separate lessons. The packs are not graded.  Each pack contains material suitable for a wide range of pupil ability.

KS3 Responses to Reading 

The Responses to Reading series provides passages for study and response from a wide variety of sources - poems, stories, newspaper articles etc. Each extract is followed by ample opportunity for written response.


Many of the extracts provide a good introduction to pre-twentieth century texts. The packs also provide a varied and instantly available source for one-off lessons and homework.

The material has been chosen for KS3 pupils [ages 11 - 14 years].  


Responses to Reading Series One is most suitable for Years 7 and 8 and Responses to Reading Series Two for Years 8 and 9 [UK schools].


Reading Records


For English or Library lessons.


Teachers are always looking for ways to encourage reading.  This pack of materials provides pupils with a structure for recording their personal reading progress in an interesting and stimulating manner.  


This popular scheme is used successfully in many UK secondary schools.

Students are guided through three levels - BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD - with specific targets which must be reached and recorded within each level.


Each level is rewarded with a customised certificate ideal for presentation in assemblies. 

The resource pack contains a wide variety of worksheets.  Customised certificates carrying the name of the school are provided for teachers to photocopy.  When you order this material please supply the exact name of your school as you wish it to appear on your certificates.


Language for Literature

Pupils need to talk and write about many aspects of the texts they use.  To do this well they need to be familiar with the major technical terms.  These two packs aim to give pupils a sound understanding of many literary terms.  These are explained and illustrated by examples.  Work is provided for pupils to do on each topic.

The literary terms covered include Acrostics, Alliteration, Anecdote, Clerihew, Epic, Imagery, Simile, Metaphor, Myth, The Ballad, Fable, Assonance, Autobiography, Cinquain, Cliché, Elegy, Haiku, Ambiguity, Rhyme, Rhythm, Kenning, Legend, Ode, Parable, Parody, Personification, Sonnet, Limerick, Soliloquy, Pun, Spoonerisms, Dialect, Dialogue, Epitaph, Onomatopoeia, Proof Reading, Proverbs, Riddles, Anachronism, Allegory, Diaries and Journals, Dramatic Irony, Hyperbole and much more.

Two packs are available - Language for Literature Series One and Language for Literature Series Two. 


KS3 English Skills


The KS3 English Skills series consists of four work packs containing work on a variety of language topics designed to meet some of the criteria in the  Framework for Teaching, Years 7-9.

English Skills Series One includes basic work at word and sentence level covering phonics, nouns, verbs, punctuation, plural endings etc.  The pack is intended for revision and consolidation of these topics for pupils at Levels 3-4. 

Subsequent packs build on these basic skills at Levels 4-7:

English Skills Series 2  Level 4

English Skills Series 3  Levels 4-5

English Skills Series 4  Level 5+

Certificate of Achievement in English


This pack provides support material for the Certificate of Achievement in English, a National Entry Level Award.  A variety of materials is provided under the following headings:  WORK, MEDIA, DRAMA, INFORMATION, LEISURE, READING FOR PLEASURE, STORY TELLING, LEGENDS AND MYSTERIES, SHOPPING, HOME AND SCHOOL. 


KS2 English Skills Revision consists of two workpacks containing work on a variety of language topics designed to meet much of the criteria required for the KS2 National Curriculum Test Paper 1: English grammar, punctuation and spelling.   Both packs are intended for revision and consolidation of these topics for pupils working at levels 3-5.  The workpacks are photocopiable within the purchasing establishment.

KS2 English Skills Revision Series One  

KS2 English Skills Revision Series Two